Being Shaped as a Young Person for Greater Things

Managing pressure at a young age is not something most people deal with. The majority of people feel that growing up as a teenager is tough but, in reality, the same number have no idea what that means compared to a teenager who finds herself in the midst of being a celebrity and all the attention that comes with it. That was the case for Andrea Jaeger who, at the age of 14, became a tennis star and lived 24/7 in the limelight until her sports window was completed.

Mental Growth Under Fire

One of the key things that happens to a young person in a high-pressure situation is a tremendous amount of mental fire. That pressure can reshape and form a personality that never goes back to where it was under normal progression. It’s not a negative thing per se, but it is a tremendous amount of dynamics that shapes the person for their life forward. Some develop a tremendous amount of resilience from the experience. Others, however, find themselves struggling for years to adapt.

Channeling for a Bigger Contribution

For Andrea Jaeger, her pressure turned into an ability to focus social energy on a good cause. Today, Jaeger leads Little Star Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to help a combination target of families, medical providers, communities, and schools. Having supported an organization that has now been providing help for over 36 years, Andrea Jaeger had one of her biggest challenges to date during COVID. The pandemic shook people, challenging Jaeger to keep her organization functional and purposeful. And that was on top of the existing challenge of running a multi-program organization that helped give people financial assistance, education, scholarships, therapeutic care, medical assistance, and more.

Laurels Don’t Matter Compared to Bigger Goals

One thing that Andrea Jaeger realized over the years with her work was that all the fancy laurels don’t matter that much versus making a real change for society. Helping children with cancer made a difference, especially if it helped them survive and live a full life. Yes, there were events at the White House, awards, and recognition for her past work. However, for Andrea Jaeger, what matters today is finding ways to help fellow people live a better life overall, helping children in need, and helping the Little Star Foundation find ways to help even more.

Andrea Jaeger made her first impression on the world as a teenage professional tennis star, but today she’s doing far more important work. With the Little Star Foundation she’s reached far more lives intimately and powerfully. That goes well beyond anything that Andrea Jaeger achieved in sports or personal celebrity reach. While she’s not the star on television anymore or a sports magazine, Andrea Jaeger does know she is making a difference in many people’s futures. And that’s a far greater reward overall.

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