Understanding PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

What is PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder is one of several anxiety disorders and was previously referred to as shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome. This does not mean however that it only affects war veterans or people working in the emergency services. It can affect anyone of any age, ethnicity or social background, and it is believed that it will affect between a third or one half of the population at some point in their lives.  Whilst most people will have some kind of traumatic event occur during their lifetime, not all of them will develop PTSD.  They will recover from the affects with the help of their family and friends within a few weeks.


PTSD is specifically caused by either witnessing or being involved in a traumatic event or accident. This could be anything from:

  • A serious road accident
  • Traumatic birth
  • Natural disaster
  • A violent event like an assault, robbery or mugging
  • Seeing someone take their own life or die.
  • Being told you have a life threatening or life limiting illness
  • Abuse or bullying in childhood
  • Sexual violence

Symptoms usually occur within three months of the incident happening but can also occur years afterwards in some circumstances.

Physical Symptoms

The body naturally produces adrenaline and cortisol in response to your body’s flight or fight response to it sensing imminent danger. With PTSD however the body continues to produce these hormones even though you are no longer in danger, and these can cause physical symptoms such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Stomach pains
  • Nausea or diarrhoea
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Headaches
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness

Psychological Symptoms

  • Feelings of guilt
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Negative thoughts and feelings
  • Flashbacks of the event
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Panic attacks
  • Nightmares

Behavioural Changes

  • Avoiding places or people that remind you of the event
  • Feeling the need to be constantly busy to avoid thinking about it
  • Addictions, using alcohol or drugs in an attempt to feel better or blot out negative memories or emotions
  • Self-destructive tendencies
  • Losing interest or enthusiasm for things you previously enjoyed

Self Help

The internet is always a valuable source of information for self-help treatments.  These can include yoga or meditation and an assortment of different breathing techniques as well as self-help guides and books.  Try doing things that will up lift you like listening to music, drawing, swimming or running.  There are also several support groups available to help you that you may find useful.

Professional Help

It is normal to feel distress and confusion after a traumatic event in your life, but if you are still feeling unable to cope, or that your symptoms are not improving you should consult your doctor.

They may suggest monitoring your symptoms or prescribing medication such as antidepressants or SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

They may also be able to provide psychological therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) or EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing) if they are available.

If your doctor is unable to provide therapy you may need to seek professional help directly from a private practitioner.  They can use a variety of therapies including trauma focused CBT, clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, psychodynamic therapy or prolonged exposure therapy.

Written by Jan, Jeana and Wendy at Barnsley Hypnosis and Counselling (UK).  For more free information click above link.

Save Yourself From Unexpected Medical Expenses With Mediclaim Policy

Often confused with common cold and cough, most air borne flus in reality are slightly more complicated illnesses. Some of the most common illnesses found in India are Pneumonia, Influenza, and also the cases of swine and bird flu are on a rise.

Each one of these illnesses tends to get aggravated during the winter months, which is ideal environment for the growth of flu causing viruses. Most of these illnesses come with cough, cold, chills, headaches and fever and are hence often not diagnosed immediately.

However, as generic as their symptoms may sound, many of these forms of flu can tend to get complicated and even fatal for an individual. Especially in scenarios when the victim is already suffering from other conditions such as diabetes, asthma, HIV and/or cancer; where the immune system is already weak.

Treatment for each one these flu conditions vary based on the extent of your illness and your current health condition.

Gaining Access to the Best Healthcare

Even for something as simple as flu, it is important that you gain access to the best healthcare facility possible. While a basic flu can be easily treated at home with the help of medications, in case of complications, it is not fair for you to compromise on your treatment because of its cost.

With the help of the right mediclaim policy, you and your family members can gain access to some of the best hospitals, physicians and diagnostic facilities available in India.

Most mediclaim policies essentially do not cover the treatment of flu in case there is no hospitalization involved. However, your policy will financially protect you in case you are expected to be admitted in lieu of falling victim to the influenza virus, pneumonia and even swine flu. The terms and conditions of the policy differ according to the premiums.

You can choose between a relevant health Insurance or health companion plan and gain financial protection from unexpected medical emergencies. They main benefits include hospitalization expenses, expenses on your medicines pre and post hospitalization, emergency care, expenses pertaining to diagnostics, surgery or any other procedure conducted herewith.

The right medical insurance policy also helps you and your family to make sure that you are able to focus on acquiring the best medical treatment by providing direct claim settlement facilities to some of the best healthcare service providers in India.

Most of these policies can be purchased individually and also as a family, hereby allowing you to cover a larger group of people at a lower premium. Mediclaim policy also offers cashless facilities, which help make sure your loved ones gain access to medical care immediately. With coverage of a range of other medical conditions, investing in the right insurance policy is a great way to protect your life savings from any health related contingency.

Cardio Training For Newbies

Cardio Training For Newbies
Countless individuals would like a cardio training routine that can help them reach their dream body. But nevertheless ask this question right now... are you currently obtaining those results? If perhaps the response is no, precisely what are you doing to correct it?

Disregard all the misinformation, and understand that cardiovascular training is truly an effective way to burn fat and permanently ensure that is stays off. The problem is the majority of people simply are not aware of precisely what kinds of cardio techniques they must utilize. The internet is full of many cardio exercise methods that just are not working. To begin with, you will need to stay clear of the conventional and boring 60-minute aerobic workouts!

Aerobic training is simply not a sustainable cardio training option any longer. Unless you're a cross-country lover or just simply adore running for several hours, then you certainly have to consider utilizing high-intensity cardio.

Every individual in search of serious results needs to consider utilizing high-intensity cardiovascular training mainly because of its productiveness and unmatched effectiveness.

You may enjoy more timely workout routines, however you will burn up twice, if not three times as many calories from fat in a shorter amount of time. There is however something places high-intensity anaerobic exercising above the conventional aerobic, which is its capacity to develop lean muscle mass. Muscle mass is the greatest approach to defeat potential struggles against unwanted weight.

Sure, I can admit, aerobic workouts might reduce fat, except the difficulty is the fact that the weight that is shed is not going to have a basic foundation to ensure that it stays off. What precisely will occur is will probably be challenging to keep the fat off mainly because there is no solid foundation of muscle. But yet shouldn't you just be in the position to weight lift and then continue to keep the unwanted fat increases off? No sorry, that won't get the job done either. The reason is aerobic cardiovascular exercise is well-known for destroying lean muscle.

It is really very difficult to debate against the anaerobic cardiovascular exercise approach. If you're focused on reducing your weight and also keeping it off forever then you definitely have to take advantage of high-intensity cardiovascular training.

Just how should you initiate your own high-intensity cardio journey?

If perhaps you're just getting started, then you should begin with sprints. Sprints are considered one of the intense cardiovascular work outs you can use, but are good for developing a good starting point for even more intense workouts down the road. In case the regular sprint gets too easy, you can transition onto intervals, hill sprints, or resistance sprints.

Sprints are only one form of high-intensity exercising you could use. In the event you're searching for more possibilities, you can test out body weight circuits, suicides, plyos, or even agility's.

It's time for you to start off your high-intensity cardiovascular training program, and start seeing the results that you have worked so hard for.

Easy Way to Find Excellent Clinics Nearby

Internet is becoming a popular spot for people to express and share their thoughts with others. Mostly, people love to give their point of view of several things, which are part of lifestyle and fashion. There are numerous online web portals, social networking sites, and discussion forums, where people love to talk of about on any trending topic with their friends and unknown people too. Certainly, discussion forums are now acting as the platform, which provides information about several topics and some people take their decisions based on the reviews posted by others. There is no doubt regarding the fact that, forums are helping people to learn about many things such as computers, mobiles, destinations, hotels, restaurants, and several more things. Moreover, the trend of E-discussion has reached the state, where people discuss their personal problems too.

Taking decisions based on the information posted by the people at the web portal is a wise thing to some extent because public opinion can be handy. Moreover, it helps in acquiring information about the latest things happening in our society. Well, we all know that illness and medical treatment are meed of our lives. We all have a tendency that, we like to visit a doctor, which is specialized in a particular treatment. To attain the information about an excellent clinic we talk to neighbors and look in yellow pages. To some extent, this is OK but one must look for more opinions when it is a question of selecting a medical center, or hospital for treatment. Most people visit the clinics for the full body check up on the regular basis. Visiting a clinic without inquiring about the services and kind of health checkup it offers is not a wise move because sometimes even brand names does not live up to one's expectation. Therefore, it is a better move to check about any medical center prior to visiting it for a treatment. Now, it is easy to avail the details about the medical centers, which offer facilities and treatment of a world standard at fewer prices. This is possible, only with the web portal bringing the necessary information about clinics in the popular cities, in the Asian continent.

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Get in Touch With Your Glasgow Chiropodist And Sort Your Feet Troubles

We recognise that Chiropody and the proper care for your feet and lower limbs has been around ever since the days of ancient Egypt, through the bas-relief carvings at the entrance to Ankmahor's burial place which are dated to about 2400 BC. It is commonly recognised that the name 'corn' came from the roman scientist Aulus Cornelius Celsus not to mention Hippocrates described the necessity to have corns removed, inventing a unique 'skin scraper' for this specific purpose which was the original source of the modern day scalpel.

The wonderful advantages of healthier feet and limbs brought about by proper care and attention have already been enjoyed by huge numbers of people over several thousands of years. Countless prominent figures in recent times, have seen the advantages in using the services of their own Chiropodist. Napoleon was attributed with stating "An army marches on its stomach" the reality is, an army marches on its feet and so do we, so it is important that we take care of them.

The number of foot and lower limb conditions that can be handled by chiropody is substantial, including corns, calluses, verruca, bunions, nail issues, diabetes associated problems, toe deformation, warts and walking or balance difficulties. Essentially any sort of difficulties associated with the lower limbs and feet can be looked into for treatment by a professional Chiropodist.

People look to a Chiropodist when they suffer from problems with their feet and lower limbs An a lot of these problems have their origins in our own individual habits. Using poorly fitted or inappropriate shoes can result in a whole host of problems. We can damage our feet when we overwear particular sorts of footwear or when we do not follow a suitable regime of cleanliness and care.

Whenever we are plagued with unhealthy feet, it isn't just the pain of the affected areas that causes concern. We're also psychologically worn out and stressed when we attempt to complete our regular day-to-day practices. Walking with a hammer toe, bunion or verruca can be extremely painful and the tension takes so much of your mental concentration. This loss of concentration can lead to other sorts of tense situations as you are struggling to accomplish your normal everyday duties to a reasonable degree.

Anesthesia Billing – Unique Requirements

A common myth about Anesthesia Providers is that their work simply involves giving anesthesia to the patient undergoing surgery. In reality, they have more responsibilities like creating a customized anesthesia plan for a patient, monitoring the health status prior to and after giving anesthesia, and more. Anesthesia providers may range from Anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), and Anesthesiologist Assistants. Like how treating a patient with the right anesthesia is vital, billing anesthesia services the right way is also very important. Different from the usual healthcare billing process, it has some unique requirements. The most challenging part of anesthesia medical billing is the clear documentation of records which are briefed below,

3. Post-operative Review: Monitoring a patient's health condition and rendering appropriate pain-block services after surgery is very important. Anesthesiologists are expected to document them for proper anesthesiology medical billing.

Improper Documentation: Sometimes, anesthetists fail to document their services properly or their documents might be erroneous due to their busy schedules. It may lead to claim denials or underpayment, thereby affecting the revenue cycle management. The ideal solution to overcome this situation is to outsource anesthesia medical billing to an offshore company like e-Care India.

About e-Care India:

e-Care India is one of the renowned medical billing companies in India that promises the above mentioned benefits with total customer satisfaction. With 13 years of experience in the industry, e-Care's offshore medical billing delivery centers have been providing end-to-end medical billing services seamlessly to its clients. To know more about e-Care and its services, log on to our website.