Popular Medical Treatments Preferred by Foreign Patients Visiting India

Do you have any idea why India is preferred as a medical tourist destination by foreign patients? Well the most obvious answer is best health care facilities at low cost. The broken state of health insurance and sky scrapping prices of medical treatments in the western hemisphere has burned a hole in the pocket of people. Despite of the fact that the heath care system of the U.K. and U.S. is quite advanced, the high cost of treatments has stimulated Europeans and Americans to opt for South East Asian countries. Countries such as India, Bangkok and Thailand are quite popular as affordable destinations for medical tourism.

With multinational hospital chains, state of the art infrastructure and affordable long term accommodation, skilled surgeons and compassionate staff, India prove to be bang for the buck for overseas patients. The country has a significant chunk of medical specialists who have studied and practiced abroad before returning back to their home. Indian hospitals are well equipped to perform crucial surgeries for joint replacement, cosmetic correction, organ transplants, urology and In Vitro Fertilization. In this article, I will give a brief overview of the aforementioned treatments offered in India.

Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement is that procedure of orthopedic surgery wherein damaged joint surface is replaced with an orthopedic prosthesis after putting the blood vessels and nerves in place. The artificial or prosthetic joint is made up of a special metal or carbon-coated implant. The surgery can be conducted for replacing joint of finger, knuckle, wrist hip and knee. This surgical treatment has its own set of pros and cons such as reduction of joint pain, improving alignment of joint, improvement in overall hand function, infection, joint stiffness and dislocation of prosthetic joint.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is that branch of medical treatments which deals with correction of injuries and deformity in a particular body part. Although most people undergo cosmetic surgery for aesthetic look, there are various other categories that include reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery and burn treatment. The most common procedure of plastic surgery is skin grafting which refers to the transferring of skin tissues. This procedure is used to treat excessive wounds, burns and infections such as vitiligo. Skin grafts can be produced from both recipient as well as donor. Other procedures of plastic surgery are lip enhancement, liposuction, butt augmentation, Rhinoplasty, hair restoration, Botox fill and pediatrics.

In Vitro Fertilization

Nothing could be more frustrating and draining than the desperation of having a child and inability to have one. With the emergence of advanced medical technologies, today, people around the world have conquered infertility. In Vitro Fertilization is one such procedure. In this procedure, a man's sperm is introduced to the woman's egg in a fluid medium in a laboratory for fertilization. Post fertilization, the embryos are placed in a gas incubator to simulate the environment of the uterus. Thereafter, it is planted into the woman's uterus using a catheter via the cervix.


Urology is a medical specialty dedicated to diagnosing and treating disorders pertaining to urinary tracts of both males and females and male reproductive system. Urologists are the medical professionals who are extensively trained to identify, treat and look after patients with urological disorders. It covers treatment of urological cancers, male sexual dysfunction and incontinence.

Multi Organ Transplant

Multi Organ Transplant in India has seen a meteoric rise because the surgical procedures are carried out with utmost care and under the scrutiny of expert medical specialists. When it comes to multi-organ transplant, considering a patient of life support system is the best choice. Family members are given more preference because the chances of perfect matching are high. Organ transplant is followed by a long convalescence process wherein a patient is kept on immunosuppressant disease to assist the proper functioning of the transplanted organ.

The aforementioned treatments are among the popular medical arenas for which foreign patients flock to India in large numbers. The expert surgeons, world class infrastructure, caring staff and low cost of treatment make India a worth visiting place for overseas patients.

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